Non-Whites Prioritized In Seattle Vaccination Events

Denying vaccines to certain racial groups on the basis of “equity”, quite ironic. 

The Daily Caller Reported: 

“At least one vaccination site in Seattle, Washington is placing white people on a standby list when they try to make an online appointment for a COVID-19 shot”

“The African-American Reach and Teach Health Ministry (AARTH) has four upcoming vaccination events listed on its website, but individuals who attempt to sign up for a shot on May 1 at the Fred Hutch Cancer Research Center are first asked to indicate if they are a black, indigenous or person of color. If not, they must go onto a waitlist.”

It’s interesting that race even becomes a factor when determining who gets a vaccine if the goal is to vaccinate everyone. 

The The Washington State Department of Health claims that this is due to the fact that there are “barriers” and “inequities” present that disproportionately effect minorities. 

What those barriers are, remains unclear. 

The claim is that minorities disproportionately experience worse healthcare outcomes than whites. Therefore because of their skin color are prioritized over another racial group. 

It seems quite counter productive to the cause. Replacing an “inequity” with another “inequity”