North Korea Denying Joe Biden’s Calls

After former President Donald Trump repaired relations with North Korea, Kim Jong Un, is reportedly not taking Joe Biden’s calls 

Trump worked to build personal rapport with North Korea’s supreme leader, while Joe Biden uses rhetoric that personally insults Kim Jong Un. 

According to BBC, Washington has attempted to reach Pyongyang several times, but no meaningful contract was made. 

They also report, that North Korea has yet to acknowledge that Joe Biden is in fact the president of the United States. 

When a dangerous dictator is in charge of a deadly arsenal, it would be wise to not intentionally insult that person. De-escalation is very important when attempting to prevent war.

Thanks to the coronavirus pandemic and Joe Biden’s presidency, North Korea is more difficult to reach than ever. 

North Korea has isolated themselves even from their greatest partner in trade – China. Their trade relationship has plummeted more than 90% BBC reported.