North Korea Restores Communication With South Korea

As long as most of us can remember, North Korea has been highly illusive and isolated. Now, that might just change. 

The Northern and Southern Korean states previously had telacomunications with one another but they ended around 13 months ago.

Fox News reported, South Korea says the leaders of North and South Korea have agreed to restore suspended communication channels and improve ties.

The presidential office in Seoul said President Moon Jae-in and North Korean leader Kim Jong Un reached such an agreement during several rounds of exchanges of letters since April.

In recent years, North Korea has made some immense strides in terms of connecting with the outside world. Specifically the west. 

Back in 2018 then President Donald Trump was able to meet with North Korea’s supreme leader Kim Jong Un. 

He was the first, and currently the only United States President to meet with the current leader of the nation. 

These are small steps, that would seem completely in the normal for any other nation, but quite large strides for this specific country. 

Little is currently known about North Korea, but perhaps these steps will lead to a more open and less isolated situation.