NYPD Officers Move To Florida As DeSantis Announces $5,000 Relocation Bonus

NYPD officers are moving to Florida after Governor Ron DeSantis offered a $5,000 relocation bonus. 

As vaccine mandates cripple New York Cities police department, at least a dozen officers have packed their things and moved to the sunshine state. 

The officers will not be forced to vaccinate, and will live happily in pro-police neighborhood’s. 

The Daily Mail reported, The migration of law enforcement is part of a larger movement across the country of police officers looking for departments in pro-police communities, with Police Benevolent Association President Patrick Lynch telling the New York Post that NYPD officers are ‘voting with their feet.’

In April 14 NYPD officers travelled to Lakeland for a recruiting trip. 12 have moved just in the last two months. 

In April, the Lakeland department, just East of Tampa sent representatives to Times Square for recruitment. The Department also launched a social media recruiting campaign largely targeting the NYPD.

Due to the size of Lakeland’s Police Department, the 14 additional former NYPD officers now make up 6% of the entire Lakeland police force. 

Lakeland officers also make significantly more compared to New York Officers. The Lakeland PD salary starts at $53,000 whereas NYPD officers make $42,000. 

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