Pelosi Pressures Media To ‘Sell’ Build Back Better Agenda

Nancy Pelosi has casted blame on the press, rather than the White House for failing to inform the American people on what the $3.5 trillion spending package includes.

According to Fox, A new CBS News poll revealed only 10% of respondents said they knew “a lot of the specifics” of what’s included in Biden’s $3.5 trillion spending package. Asked about the low number of Americans informed on the matter, Pelosi placed the blame not on the White House, but on the press.

Pelosi lectured reporters, despite the fact, that at any point Joe Biden could call a press conference and explain exactly what the Bill entails. 

If Biden lacks the competence to inform citizens, Jen Psaki could also dedicate a press conference to better informing people, 

“Well I think you all could do a better job of selling it, to be very frank with you,” Pelosi said to CBS News’ Nikole Killion. 

Pelosi expects the press corps to “sell” a bill riddled with fiscal incompetence. The reason that this bill isn’t “selling” is not because reporters fail to advertise it, but because it’s a bad bill. 

The bill is so expensive that it’s been able to find opposition even in Democrat congressmen and women. 

Senator Joe Manchin called the bill “the definition of fiscal insanity.” Democrat Senator Kyrsten Sienna also stands skeptical of the package. 

Biden continues to claim that the “Build Back Better Plan” costs zero dollars. A blatant lie. A free the claim, Biden’s was quickly ripped for being “economically illiterate.”