Politico: Select Committee Wants Viewers Outraged Over Jan 6

If you weren’t already convinced that the January 6th select committee was nothing more than a political showboat to vilify Donald Trump and the Republican committee, now they’ve admitted it. 

According to the Daily Caller, The House Select Committee investigating the Jan. 6 Capitol riots told reporters that they wanted viewers to be outraged about the incident going into 2024, Politico reported Thursday

Politico reports that the committee intends to scare voters into believing that those who carried out riots on January 6th will remain a threat in 2024. 

The committee is nothing more than an echo chamber intended to be a political showboat in anticipation for the next presidential election. 

On the same day that prime time hearings begin, Republican candidate for Michigan Governor, Ryan Kelley has been arrested by the FBI for a January 6th misdemeanor. 

After Kelley was arrested search warrants were executed on his home near Grand Rapids. He will make his first court appearance on Thursday.