Protests Erupt Across France Amid President Claiming Unvaxxed Are Not Citizens

Protests have erupted across France after the French President, Emmanuel Macron suggested that the unvaccinated were no longer citizens. This immediately sparked outrage among millions of French residents who haven’t gotten the jab. 

“They undermine the solidity of a nation. When my freedom threatens that of others, I become irresponsible. An irresponsible person is no longer a citizen,” said Macron. He claims that he was intentionally attempting to “piss off” these individuals. “The unvaccinated, I really want to annoy them”.

Nothing spells “fighting a health crisis” quite like enflaming division and denouncing everyone who doesn’t conform to the state’s idea of a good taxpayer. Instead of reasoning with the unvaccinated and legitimately working to convince them that the science is sound, the President simply denounces their citizenship. 

Paris protestors decided that they would adopt Macron’s rhetoric, shouting “we’ll piss you off” in a clear taunt against the President. 

France, much like many U.S. cities is locked down for the unvaccinated. French citizens are required to show proof of vaccination status in order to enter virtually any business or public building. 

Macron said that he will not send the unvaccinated to prison, but has described a plan to essentially remove their right and ability to function normally in society. 

The protests were largely driven by Macron’s comments and based on vaccine mandate opposition. Protestors bore signs that said, “No to the vaccine pass”.