Republicans Consider Government Shut Down Over Vaccine Mandate

Following the anti-vaccine mandate March in Washington D.C. several Republican lawmakers have considered shutting the government down as an option to stand up against the restriction of free will. 

Fox News reported The current funding for the federal government will expire mid-February, meaning Congress will have to pass a continuing resolution or appropriations legislation to keep the lights on.

A letter signed by several Republican representatives indicated that they will withdraw support for funding legislation if an attempt at vaccine mandates continue. 

In a Tuesday statement, Rep. Chip Roy told Fox that Congress will soon find out whether or not Republicans are willing to stand up and “pledge not to fund” the mandates. 

It is however likely that Republicans will find themselves in a party conflict as the new year begins to take off. The letter plans to inform Kevin McCarthy and Mitch McConnell that “their party is at a crossroads” and must unite against tyrannical grabs for power. 

Currently, more than a dozen congressmen have signed the letter including reps, Scott Perry (R-PA) Clay Higgins (R-LA), Paul Gosar (R-AZ), and Lauren Boebert (R-CO).