Rittenhouse Mother Bashes Joe Biden On Tucker Carlson Tonight

As the trial wages on, Kyle Rittenhouse continues to be accused of white supremacy despite no compelling evidence. In an. interview, his mother attempted to debunk the lies.

Wendy Rittenhouse also slammed the President for his September 2020 political ad labeling the then 17 year old a white supremacist. “How dare him (Biden)…. do that to my son,” she said in an interview with Tucker Carlson.

Rittenhouse, on the night of the shooting did not kill, or even wound a single person of color. Each and every single  person that he shot in self defense was a white person. 

If the narrative that somehow, Kyle Rittenhouse was a vigilante white supremacist, only appearing in Kenosha Wisconsin to kill black Americans… then why didn’t he do just that? 

Because the narrative isn’t true. 

Many point to an event after Kyle was released  on bond. A picture shows him posing in a photo with men allegedly affiliated with the proud boys holding up the “OK” hand sign. 

Again, there doesn’t seem to be any compelling evidence that these men are actually members of the Proud Boys. Even if they were, there’s very little evidence to suggest that the Proud Boys are a white supremacist organization considering many of their leaders are people of color. 

The left is also claiming that the “OK” hand-sign means “White Power.” This idea, was actually a prank started by 4Chan users curious if they could convince news anchors that the gesture was a racist dog whistle. 

It is of course not. A dog whistle, but the news media fell hard for the practical joke airing episodes about the “OK” handing and white power. 

Obama has used the gesture, as has AOC, Hillary Clinton, Bill Clinton, Kobe, and more. Certainly these people are not all white supremacists.