Ron DeSantis CANCELS All Covid-19 Fines Issued by Local Governments

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Is Ron DeSantis the Model Governor? DeSantis Issues an Executive Order to Cancel all Covid-19 Fines by Local Governments

“I think those fines are out of control, and we want to make sure that folks are protected. Most of those restrictions have not been effective. That’s just the reality. The evidence is in on that, so we just want to really go forward fresh. And we want people to make decisions, but we don’t want it under the heavy-handed government,” he said, according to Bay News 9.

“Local actions and COVID protocols have helped to keep Floridians safe and healthy. Time and again, in the absence of state leadership and a coherent strategy, cities like St. Pete have had to take the lead. We will continue to do so as best we can,” St. Petersburg Mayor Rick Kriseman wrote on Facebook Wednesday.