WATCH Ron DeSantis MOCK New CDC Guidance

Governor of Florida Ron DeSantis recently attended the American Legislative Exchange Council annual meeting in Salt Lake City.

The conference had approximately 450 attendees, most of which were unmasked.

During his speech, the Governor dismissed the CDC’s new recommendation that even vaccinated people should wear masks in areas where COVID is spreading again.

“It is very important that we say unequivocally no to lockdowns, no to school closures, no to restrictions and no to mandates.

Ron Desantis

DeSantis joked with the unmasked crowd, ““Did you not get the CDC’s memo? I don’t see you complying”.

He noted that the state of Florida is rejecting mask mandates and school closures and argued that all Americans should have the right to choose how they take care of themselves.

Florida is facing rising virus rates as the delta variant spreads rapidly, but DeSantis says this is due to a “summer” COVID season.

They should not be consigned to live, regardless of which state in the union, in a Faucian dystopia in which we’re governed by the whims of bureaucratic authorities.

ROn Desantis

Though officials in Utah are encouraging people to get vaccinated and protect others, the state is not taking any steps to follow the CDC’s new guidelines.