Tampa Mayor Will Identify Maskless Super Bowl Fans for Police to Handle

Is this Tyranny? Maskless Super Bowl Fans ‘Will Be Identified’ By Police, Tampa Mayor Says

Being a hypocrite is the number 1 requirement to be a democrat!

The Tampa Bay Mayor is PISSED OFF that people took to the streets to celebrate the Super Bowl win. She is pissed because THE PEOPLE violated her unconstitutional mandatory mask orders. What do democrats do when people defy government? THEY CRACKDOWN!

Democrats HATE it when THE PEOPLE stand up against government, we have seen this happen all over the country for the last year but every time the people stand up the democrats hit back harder and harder!

Where was all this talk back when BLM took to the streets MASKLESS to Protest, and then MASKED to Riot (they only wore masks to hide their Identity). If the Democrats actually cared they would crackdown equally but they don’t! IT IS ALL ABOUT POWER!

Watch the Breakdown here

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