The FBI is Facing Subpoenas after Twitter Files Release

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The FBI might be in trouble after Elon Musk released the Twitter files.

Republican Rep. Mike Tuner said the FBI is facing Subpoenas after the Twitter files release due to “the coordination ??that was occurring between the FBI” and the social media company.

“We are definitely pursuing the Department of Justice and also the FBI,” – Turner

“And luckily, the January 6 committee has established some great legal precedent that shows the Congress has full access,” – Turner

“So they’re going to have very much a difficult time trying to prevent us getting those documents, and I think it will show a very troubling pattern. And we’re also gonna be looking for who the mastermind is since this is not based on intelligence, this is not foreign malign actors, that the malign actors transmit the FBI themselves.” – Turner

“Since the Republicans are taking the House, this will be one of the number one targets to make certain that the FBI does not fund this activity, which is clearly, you know, beyond the scope of what the FBI should be doing, is very constitutionally troubling,” – Turner

We will be sure to keep you updated when subpoenas are issued.