Trump’s Surgeon General Says Mask Mandates Gone Too Soon

The CDC currently holds that vaccinated persons do not need to wear masks as they are at low risk of contracting COVID-19 including its Delta variant, or being hospitalized if they do. 

The New York Post reported, Jerome Adams, the surgeon general in the Trump administration, said the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s relaxing masking guidelines amid a surge in coronavirus infections because of the delta variant “premature.”

“Last year Tony Fauci and I famously, prematurely, & wrongly advised against masks. I felt it was the best call at the time, but now regret it. I’m worried the CDC also made a similarly premature, misinterpreted, yet still harmful call on masking in the face of delta variant,” Adams said in a series of postings on Twitter Saturday.

The CDC is far better equipped to make determinations on COVID-19 than Anthony Fauci or Jerome Adams. The science tells the CDC that vaccinated persons are at low risk of contracting the Delta variant, and if they were to contract if their likelihood of hospitalization would be even lower. So why would they mask up indoors? 

Adams leaves out one vital piece of information. When he, and Doctor Fauci regrettably advised against masks last year… the vaccine didn’t exist, and half of America hadn’t been jabbed. 

Los Angeles County has readopted a mask mandate. The order states that vaccinated, and unvaccinated persons alike are to wear masks indoors. 

The LA county sheriff refuses to enforce the order, and has instead asked the community to comply voluntarily.