U.S. Special Envoy For Afghanistan Resigns After Botched Pull-Out

After the U.S. military withdrew its forces from Afghanistan, special envoy Zalmay Khalilzad has stepped down from his position. 

Khalilzad served as special envoy to Afghanistan under both the Biden and Trump administrations for the last three years. 

Fox News reported, Khalilzad had initially planned to leave the job in May after Biden’s announcement that the U.S. withdrawal would be completed before the 20th anniversary of the 9/11 attacks in September. However, he was asked to stay on and did so. 

Despite being a native to Afghanistan, Khalilzad was unable to strike a power sharing agreement between the former Afghan government and the Taliban as Trump had hoped. 

The diplomat witnessed a gruesome end to a decades long story that he had physically taken part in for three years. 

Things seemed to look up during Trumps years in office. He finally got the Taliban and the former Afghan government to sit down and negotiate with each-other. 

Trump had promised that if the Taliban were to break agreements made to the United States, that there would be hell to pay. When he left office he was succeeded by a weak old man, easily pushed over.

The Taliban betrayed their promises, and rather than retaliating, American troops left Afghanistan with tens of thousands of U.S. citizens stranded. 

Upon the reckless pullout, the Taliban quickly took the country by force. U.S. troops were forced to redeploy, this time in larger numbers than were previously present in the region. 

Suicide bombings, door-to-door executions, gun fights, protestors mowed down by the new regime, women forced indoors, American aides assassinate, Americans hunted, are all quickly following consequences of the sloppy withdrawal.