Waitress Forced To Split $4,400 Tip Then Fired

A waitress employed in Arkansas was given a $4,400 tip one night while working her shift at ‘Oven and Tap’ in Bentonville. 

The party that he left this massive tip had specifically requested that it he split between Ryan Brandt and the other sever that tended to their table only. 

But when Brandt’s manager discovered what had happened the waitress was made to split it with the other staff members. 

Each server had pooled $100 in tips, whereas Brandt was made to pool the $4,400 tip. The manager insisted that this was fair, because the other waitresses hadn’t served a large party. 

“I was told that I was going to be giving my cash over to my shift manager, and I would be taking home 20 percent,” she told Fox 59. 

After hearing of this, the tipper called the restaurant, demanding that the money be returned so that it could be handed directly to Brandt and the other server. 

The next day Brandt was fired. The restaurant insists that this happened for reasons other than than the tip, but didn’t specify what exactly those reasons were. 

Brandt, had worked more than three and a half years with Oven and Tap. A GoFundMe page supporting Brandt amassed more than $8,000 Monday morning.