Whistleblower Who Gave Hunter Biden’s Laptop To Congress Has 450GB Of Deleted Material

Jack Maxey, who distributed Hunter Biden’s laptop to Congress and the media, has fled to Switzerland in fear of retaliation from the Biden administration.


For two weeks, Maxey has been hiding in Zurich, working on getting more data from the laptop, reported DailyMail.

He claims that he and his colleagues have “450 gigabytes of deleted material” from Hunter Biden’s laptop including 80,000 images and videos and over 120,000 archived emails.

After the laptop was abandoned at a Delaware computer store in 2019, the owner gave a copy to Trump’s lawyer Rudy Giuliani, who passed it on to Maxey, according to DailyMail.

“I came here so that we could do a forensic examination of Hunter’s laptop safely in a country that still respects human liberty and the ideals of liberal democratic principles,” Maxey told the outlet.

He also explained that after contacting the media about the laptop, black SUVs started appearing outside his house.

Maxey had posted emails and files from the laptop in October 2020, but the material was quickly taken down.

“So this means that our intelligence services, who still have not even acknowledged that they have Hunter Biden’s laptop, were obviously diligently doing cache searches across the internet to find out if any of this stuff was being released,” he said.

While in Switzerland, Maxey has been able to use Swiss Transfer, a file sharing service that has not taken down the laptop files.

According to the New York Times, files from the laptop are now evidence in Hunter’s investigation for tax fraud, money laundering and illegal foreign lobbying.

Certain files show Hunter’s dealings with Ukrainian gas firm Burisma. There are also emails connecting Joe Biden to a multi-million-dollar deal with Chinese government-linked oil company CEFC.


“Maxey claims that had the FBI come forward in 2020 with the emails showing the details of Hunter’s work for Burisma, Trump would have been vindicated,” said DailyMail.

Maxey also gave copies of the laptop to Senate Judiciary Committee member Chuck Grassley, the Washington Post, and The New York Times. Many newspapers had previously reported claims the laptop was Russian disinformation.

In 2020, over 50 top former intelligence officials wrote a letter casting doubt on the laptop, saying it “has all the classic earmarks of a Russian information operation”.

“Still to this day, I can’t understand how Panetta, Clapper, Haden and Brennan declared it to be a fabrication,” Maxey said.