White Students Confronted By Peers Over ‘Racist’ Police Sticker

A video has gone viral showing two white students at Arizona State University being confronted by others because of a “Police Lives Matter” sticker on a laptop.

The two students were sitting at a table appearing to study when a woman came up to them saying “You’re offensive. Police lives matter”. She told them the area was a “multicultural space” and the other student, who was wearing a “Did Not Vote For Biden” shirt, started recording her.

“We’ve got a Police Lives Matter sticker and we’re getting kicked out. Can’t do school,” said the male filming the situation.

The other students said the sticker was making them “uncomfortable” and added “You’re white, do you understand what a multicultural space is? It means you’re not being centered”.

The male in the anti-Biden shirt said “White’s not a culture?” and they responded “White is not a culture, say it again to the camera, you think whiteness is a culture”.

This is the violence that ASU does and this is the type of people that they protect. Okay, this white man thinks he can take up our space. And this is why we need a multicultural space, because they think they can get away with this s–t.

Student from ASU

The students filming went on to say the male students being in the multicultural space was “peak white [cis] male bulls–t”. Another student in the background said “we’re asking you to leave if you have any consideration for people of color”.

“You are racist. Your sticker’s racist because police, that’s a job, you can choose to be a police. I didn’t choose to be black”, said one of the students.

ASU told Fox News that they were aware of the incident and said “The Dean of Students Office will be discussing it with all involved”.