Zuckerberg Used $419.5M Ahead Of 2020 Election To Push Dem Votes

CEO of Facebook Mark Zuckerberg reportedly spent $419.5 million during the 2020 election to turn out likely Democratic voters.

Zuckerberg was able to support Democrat candidates through legal loopholes. The New York Post reported that he “funded a targeted, private takeover of government election operations by nominally nonpartisan — but demonstrably ideological — nonprofit organizations”.

They also explained that the money “significantly increased Joe Biden’s vote margin in key swing states. In places like Georgia, where Biden won by 12,000 votes, and Arizona, where he won by 10,000, the spending likely put him over the top”.

Money was given to cities and counties to bring out Democrat voters through two research organizations, the Center for Technology and Civic Life (CTCL) and the Center for Election Innovation and Research (CEIR).

The money was not used for traditional campaign finance or expenses.

 It had to do with financing the infiltration of election offices at the city and county level by left-wing activists and using those offices as a platform to implement preferred administrative practices, voting methods and data-sharing agreements, as well as to launch intensive outreach campaigns in areas heavy with Democratic voters.

The New York Post

For example, in Georgia, the “Happy Faces” agency affiliated with gubernatorial candidate Stacey Abrams helped to count votes in Fulton County. Navigators in Wisconsin were used during the election to help voters and witness absentee ballot signatures.

According to Influence Watch, $350 million went to CTCL and 26 grants of $1 million or more were given to cities and counties across the country. 25 of those grants went to areas where Biden won. Brown County, Wisconsin was the only area where Trump won, and the county only received $1.1 million.

CTCL also heavily promoted universal mail-in voting by extending deadlines, using expensive bulk mailings, and setting up other programs to influence voters.


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    Fuckerberg helped corrupt the the 202 elections. There was nothing legal about what happen in the 2020 elections and it takes the peoples right to vote

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